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Fuente Agria ferruginous mineral waters

The natural water spring Fuente Agria - The Chorrerón is on the road between Busquístar and Pórtugos in direction to Trevelez. You cant miss it because it is in close vicinity of the road and well signed.

It is a very significant natural place within the region of the Las Alpujarras for its specific water. On the left we welcome the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows (Ermita de la Virgen de las Angustias) and descending the steps we reached the source. Since ancient times known the virtues of this spring that offers 6-7 (seasonal) different ferrous water jets .

This water contains a lot of iron and other minerals and at first it tastes funny a little. For centuries local people believe that this water has medicinal properties and they recommend to drink it often in small amounts.

fuente agria
fuente agria2

Fuente Agria is also a place of rest. There is a picnic area with tables and benches where one can sit under the shade of the old chestnut trees and enjoy a picnic, or enjoy the birds that harbor the crowns of the trees. Mainly during the hot days, Fuente Agria is nice stop for people to rest a little and get your strength worn by the endless curves that are on this road. Fuente Agria is also a point where local craftsmans sell their products and souvenirs from las Alpujarras.

The next offering is to discover a magical and unique place in the Alpujarras. On the other site of the road we can descend the little more than seventy steps to appreciate the view of the waterfall with reddish colors.