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Sierra Nevada Natural and National park

Sierra Nevada is mountain range in Andalusia in southern Spain, in part lies in the province of Granada and partly in the province of Almería.

In 1986 the mountain was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1999 as part of the national park. On the top of Sierra Nevada mountain range is Mulhacén peak (3479 m), the highest in the entire continental Spain.

On the western slope of Mount Veleta is a ski resort, the southernmost in Europe and highest in Spain. At the same place at an altitude of 2800 meters above sea level we can find an astronomical observatory of Sierra Nevada.

Sierra Nevada (Spain)

Sierra nevada2

Climate of Sierra Nevada

Hot summers and mild winters caused by the Mediterranean climate occurs mainly in the valleys on the southern slopes of Las Alpujarras massif.

At altitudes above 3000 m there is snow from late October to mid-May, during tough winters until July. Differences in temperature between the highest peaks and the lowlands can reach 25 ° C.

To visit the massif and foothills of Las Alpujarras, the best period from March to June. Visit the highest positions is the most ideal during summer, when snow does not lie in the mountains.

Highest peaks in Sierra Nevada:

Mulhacén 3480 m

Veleta 3393 m

Alcazaba 3371 m

Cerro los Machos 3324 m

Puntal de Siete Lagunas 3248 m

Puntal Caldera 3226 m

Pico de Elorrieta 3206 m

Sierra Nevada peaks

Veleta Sierra Nevada

Sport and tourism

Sierra Nevada is particularly popular with skiers and hikers. There are several winter resorts equal to those in the Alps.

The local ski resort Pradollano is with regularity the host of the World Cup in Alpine skiing.

Prices here are slightly higher than usual in the Alps in the same high-quality centers. The whole mountain area replicating the Mediterranean Sea is characterized by high temperatures and excellent weather. Under favorable conditions, even see the coastline with beaches and Africa.

In Granada begins highest road in Europe, which has 46 km of sharp bends, and its end is below the peak of Pico de Veleta (3398 m). You can use  bus from Granada to reach the ski resort or you can park your car in Pradollano ski area, which is also the beginning of the cableway. Farther east the mountain copies Mulhacén massif and descends to the south near the village Capileira, Pampaneira and Bubión.