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Medieval route in Las Alpujarras

Historical walking path

The Medieval route of Las Alpujarras crosses several paths of medieval origin, mostly documented. It begins in Pórtugos and ends in Juviles and is divided into four sections:

  • Pórtugos - Busquístar
  • Busquístar - Cástaras Portichuelo
  • Cástaras portichuelo - Nieles
  • Nieles - Juviles

Medieval route in Las Alpujarras

In addition to the main Medieval route, there are other trails and paths dated as medieval in La Alpujarra area. They can form alternative or complementary itineraries.

Part I

Pórtugos - Busquístar

Route: Portugos, Ferreirola, Busquístar

4.7 km
1h 30m
1 2 2 2

We began the Medieval route in Pórtugos, descending to Atalbéitar, and share path with the GR-7 international route. We continue descending until Ferreirola, and leaving the town, bind with the GR-142 route until the end of this first part of the Medieval route in Busquístar.

Part II

Busquístar - Cástaras Portichuelo

Route: Busquistar, Cástaras Portichuelo

4.2 km
1h 45m
3 2 3 2

We start the second part of the Medieval hiking route in the Alpujarran village de Busquistar, from where we get down to Río Trevélez and cross the bridge. Then jard ascend of three hundred meters of altitude, the so-called escarihuela del Portichuelo until we reach Portichuelo de Cástaras, where we complete the second part of the Medieval route.

Part III

Cástaras portichuelo - Nieles

Route: Cástaras Portichuelo, Cástaras, Nieles.

5.6 km
1h 45m
2 2 2 2

The third part of the Medieval Las Alpujarras hiking route begins in Portichuelo de Cástaras, from where we descend along a beautiful path, with tunnel included, until we reach Caminillo Viejo, a path that runs along the southern slope of the Cerro Mancilla. On the route we find the remains of Minas de Mancilla, from where the Medieval route coincides with the GR-142 trail to Nieles.

Part IV

Nieles - Juviles

Route: Nieles - Juviles.

6.5 km
2 2 2 3

The last part of the Medieval route of the Alpujarras connect the towns of Nieles and Juviles and start initially via path GR-142. Later we turn to the path camino de la vega, dating from the 15th century, and after that we cross the river. Now climb a steep slope to continue the path next to the irrigation channel of Lobrasán. Finally, we will continue by the old road Camino Viejo de Tímar to Juviles.